Paper Puzzle Masterlist

This is a masterlist of Paper Puzzle Types resources, listing puzzle genre lists, paper puzzle blogs, portfolios and archives, online and paper publications, plus setting interfaces, guides and automatic solvers.

If you're unsure about what exactly is meant by paper puzzle, find the crossword page of any paper newspaper: other puzzles nearby likely fit this paper puzzle definition:

A logic puzzle primarily designed to be printed, then solved by writing or drawing on it, generally with a unique solution for the given rules and constraints, to be arrived at via a sequence of logical steps.

by Pedro

While word puzzles, inductive puzzles and paper-puzzle-like games fall out of scope of this masterlist, any other suggestions (even self-plugs) are always !

Throughout this masterlist, clicking an RSS symbol () will let you subscribe to puzzle updates, while stars (★) mark Pedro's own personal taste and small labels (ENG) indicate up to two page languages, when not primarily english.

To help you answer questions like:

  • How many paper puzzle genres are there?
  • What are the rules of a genre and where to find puzzles and examples?
  • Are there any variants of this genre?

… Let's start the masterlist with this list of puzzle genre lists!

List Tags Commentary
-Nikoli's Official List of Puzzles+40 genres highlighted by Nikoli — can be considered canonical
-Roger Kohler's Puzzle Types Database+1027 puzzle types and variants, including rules, child-parent relationships, and puzzles that appeared in competitions
-Puzzlewiki Rätselarten and taxonomy DEU and +846 puzzles and variants, systematically arranged, with good explanations and pictures
-Yannick Yao (yyao)'s Logic Puzzle Taxomony+750 genres, plus many variants, arranged as a "phylogenetic tree" in the order of Type (shading, loop, region division) then Clues, Constraints and Variants
-Eric Fox's Dictionary of Rulesets+515 genres, plus +270 variants, succinctly explained
-Nikoli's Omopa Table JPN+456 genres and variants in the "Omopa" category, mapped to their earliest Puzzle Communication Nikoli (PCN) issue number
Otto Janko's overview of puzzle genres DEU ENG; and +333 genres, extensively explained, with example pictures plus puzzles, often interactive
-Michael Vedder (michael3.14)'s Compendium of Pencil Puzzle Genres; and +300 genres plus variants, concisely explained with one example puzzle (solved), alternate names, common variant rules and genre author/year
-Puzzler's A-Z Puzzle Guide+524 variants and genres, however includes word puzzles in the mix
-Ryotaro Chiba (EctoPlasma)'s Spreadsheet and +260 base genres, +150 variants, plus +16 sudoku variants listing their author and often the year of first puzzle and a link thereto
-Shading, Drawing, Object placement and Area segmentation puzzles genre spreadsheets JPN+249 genres classified with great precision, with an eye for computer implementation
-Cross-A+ Logic Puzzles Rules+217 genres briefly explained, with illustrated rules
-Ryotaro Chiba (EctoPlasma)'s List of WPC puzzle types, plus some of unascertained origin)+200 genres, plus +50 of unascertained origin, with pictures — with a focus on competitive genres's List of Puzzle types, extended at pzplus; and +187 genres — click the small question marks to reveal the rules
-Serkan Yürekli's Tapa Variations List and 138 tapa variants gathered by Serkan Yürekli in 2016 based on submissions to several editions (I-XVIII) of the Tapa Variations Contest
Pedro's Ported Paper Puzzle Genres; and +150 genres and variants ported by Pedro with the Kudamono Documentation, including rules and a solve/edit interface
-Naoki Project DEUa collective effort to translate the rules for Naoki Inaba's original genres
-James Marshall's Rules for Nikoli Puzzles+100 genre rules explained in plain english, often witn links to a puzzle (2014-2023)
-Puzzle Picnic's Genre list (archived copy); and +77 classic genres, explained with a small picture, linking to all puzzles in the portal
-PuzzleDuel's Genreslinks to example puzzles in +118 genres and variants
-Puzzle fountain's Giochi ITA+60 classic genres explained in italian, with example (some genre names translated)
-Ivan Koswara (Chaotic Iak)'s Thinky discord's logic puzzle genres,+65 new genres (plus many variants) invented at the Thinky Puzzles server are already listed here, yet the list outdated (you can help)
-Keep it Simple Puzzles Guides, 2, 3, 4, 5+40 classic genres, neatly explained and illustrated, occasionally with some not-so-simple visuals and non-logic puzzles into the mix
-Arvi Teikari (Hempuli)'s Paper Puzzle Collection and +38 new genres — rules and puzzles neatly compiled as a single printable PDF
Jack Lance's rules+25 classic genres, well explained with nice example pictures
-Vítězslav Koudelka's types of Sudoku Puzzles13 sudoku variants, well explained, with pictures
-Swiss Logic Puzzle Federation overview of Logikrätsel and rules for 5 genres DEUsimple genre classification (in German)
-Vexus Puzzles' Range8 original genres, explained by their authors
-八登 崇之 (Takayuki Yato)'s List of NP-Complete Pencil PuzzlesJPNAcademic notes from 2006
-Bay's Puzzle Editor Dictionary JPN ENGSearch available editor(s) by genre name (english keywords accepted)
-Jonah Ostroff (softfro)'s Puzzle Mashups DocA list of notable puzzle mashups sortable by date, author, genre category, size/number of cells, topology (mostly square grid variantions)

Shall you want to make a paper puzzle yourself, or even build your own paper puzzle program, the following interfaces and automatic solvers may be useful or at least provide some inspiration.

Puzzle setting interfaces, some of which inspired Pedro's Kudamono Documentation
Name Extends Modes Lead author(s) Commentary
-PUZ-PRE JPN — PuzzlePure (also PZV — PuzzleVan)- and Daisuke Kobayashi (sabo2)Pleasant, extremely well designed, with live incremental error checking. Short puzzlestrings for instant sharing. Comprehensive manual Best tool for classic genres.
-puzz.linkPUZ-PRE and Robert Vollmert (robx)An extension of PUZ-PRE, translated to english. Adds a puzzle database (no longer slef-updating) and a puzzle image server (live picture previews for cross-posting).
-PZPRXS — X-sheep and Lennard Sprong (X_Sheep)An extension of, adding new puzzle types, which may eventually merge back into
PZPLUS — PuzzlePlusPZPRXS and Andy Tockman (tckmn)An extension of PZPRXS, adding the ability to record the solve process, plus stats (rating, comments, etc…), the ability to pause and a dark theme, plus some extra-colourful effects., formerly Honey view JPN- and わんど (wand125)an hexagonal grid editor and solver, for the genre Honey Islands
-Penpa edit JPN ENG- and Tomoya Kimura (opt-pan)The precursor of Penpa+ (less frequently updated).
-Penpa+Penpa edit and Swaroop Guggilam (swaroopg)Extension of Penpa-edit. Great for new puzzle types and variants, with instant sharing (large urls can be minified), multiple annotation options and customisations, plus (manual) answer checking and strong multi-geometry support. Plentiful options make it powerful but steepen the learning curve. In active development.'s interface DEU-Otto JankoA very complete solving interface, packed with features.
-PuzzlePicnic's Studio (archived version)- and Johan de Ruiter, Maarten Löffler and Thierry de KokDiscontinued, very versatile, with a nice buttons to switch between different ink colours, and an eraser. Login-walled.
-Puzzlemaker-HempuliA concise puzzle-drawing tool, with good keyboard shortcuts (e.g for board resizing) and a neat palette of symbols.
-Puzzle setting tool for sudoku- and Eric FoxSudoku setter, supporting a wealth of variants
-Sven's SudokuPad-Sven Neumann (svencodes)Sudoku solver, with really nice area selection and colouring functions
-Portable Puzzle Collection-Simon TathamPortable interfaces for solving (and generating) puzzles of +40 genres (renamed).
-Krazydad interface, e.g bridges-Jim BumgardnerA cute interface for solving the puzzles on Krazydad, with live error-checking
-Sudokizer JPN- and 齋藤スバル (Subaru Saito)A sudoku editor and solver with many options, including flipping/rotating the board and producing the list of deductions (Tesujis) used when solving the puzzle
-Suiri Editor 推理パズルエディタ JPN-Subaru SaitoAn editor for Einstein-type puzzles
-Sudoku Coach- and Jan FeldmannA new sudoku interface with checking and solving for variants: Diagonal, Anti-Knight, Anti-King, Nonconsecutive, Entropy, Additional Region, VX, Odd/Even, Thermometer, Renban-Line, Consecutive-Line, Sandwich, Difference, Ratio,…
-Sudoku Lab- and SudokulabPlayer, editor and solver for sudoku, supporting the following elements/variants: Boxes, Diagonal, Disjoint Groups, King's Move, Knight's Move, Negative Kropki, Negative XV, Nonconsecutive
-PuzzleTV-Yuri SitnikovA bespoke player for rarer paper puzzles, which cannot be used for setting, but supports many unusual geometries (fractal, hyperbolic, etc…) and great options for marking.
-Continuous Engine- and redstonerodentA python interface for implementing continuous versions of logic puzzles, such as angle loop and kouchoku (plus turn-based games like go and reversi).
-Sudoku maker-Pim Schreurs (sirxemic)A mobile-first sudoku maker and solver with rich support for constraints (including a constraint maker), multicoloured regions, etc… Redirects to sudokupad for solving.
-One Up Puzzle interface-Rodolfo Marcelo KurchanA basic interface tailored for solving One Up Puzzles (undo, candidates, conflict checking). Interesting detail: pressing zero (0) clears the cell.
Kudamono Editor- and PedroA novel interface in active development, focused on genres not ported elsewhere, with live error-checking and other conveniences

As Java Applets no longer work in the majority of web browsers, these interfaces were not included: Pencilbox, Kanpen.

Worth mentioning Mark Langezaal (MarkTekfan)'s Sudokupad Penpa Import which converts puzzle urls from Penpa to sudokupad (even shortened).

Some puzzle books come in image or Pdf format, requiring an annnotation interface.

Name Commentary
-FlexiliOS only
-Adobe Pdf?
-Windows penWin only
-Paint3DWin only
Name Lead author Commentary
pzprRT ENG JPNsemiexpa pzprjs-based automatic solution tool that shows all the places where the solution is already determined by a partial solution.See also the technical note JPN
sudoku solver JPN3892myamyaA puzzle generator with +80 types, includes the option to pre-generate multiple puzzles and speedrun them, complete with timer (see Jeffrey Bardon (IHNN)'s video using it)
Cross-A+Sergey Kutasov and Ilya MorozovCommercial solver for +217 puzzle types
Noq SolverMichael Tang and Jenna H.suite of solvers for +54 genres of Nikoli-style logic puzzles
Qhex SolversUnknownUnder grid solvers you find Maysu, Sudoku, Lights Out, Thermometers, Kakuro, Fill-a-Pix, Minesweeper, Hitori, Nurikabe, Tapa, Hashiwokakero, Numberlink, Shikaku, Fillomino. Plus nonogram.
Grid Logic Puzzle SolverMatt GruskinPython package containing a collection of libraries and helper functions that are useful for solving and checking Nikoli-style logic puzzles using z3.
pencil puzzle solver JPN3892myamyacheck the answers to +120 genre urls
KYC's Nikoli Puzzle SolverKevin Y Chen (kyc)An interface allowing solving/unique-checking of +60 Nikoli puzzles. An combination of the Z3 solver, gridlops and Penpa+
foxy sudoku solverKrisOfRageA step-by-step automatic sudoku solver, with a very pedagogic interface, but the sudoku needs to be formatted as a string for input.
cspuz-solver2 ENG JPNsemiexpA puzzle solver and uniqueness checker taking and Kudamono URLs, including genres such as Crosswall, Parrot Loop, Double Choco, Slalom…
toichika Solver JPNTesuji and ウド (Udo P.)automatic answering tool for toichika, which displays the answering process
Honey Island real-time solver JPNwand125Honey Island — search for confirmed locations
Sudoku SolverAndrew StuartSudoku solver, iterative deductive (see list of strategies on the page)
Tim's Sudoku SolverTimdownAn old sudoku solver
HoDoKu Sudoku Helper ENG DEBernhard HobigerSudoku generator/solver/trainer/analyzer with a focus on learning: supports human-style solving techniques (singles, subsets, LCs, fish, wings, uniqueness, etc…) by highlighting them on the grid and includes a "Training Mode" to practice them. Java-based (2009-2012) but open-source.
Polyomino Tiling Solver JPNこんちゃん (kontotto591)This tool will let you specify a base grid and set of polyominos, and then output all possible tilings (without repetitions, unless you draw the same polyomino again)
Kakuro Online's family or solvers, e.g. HashiThomas ReinkeFor hashi, use the format 4x4:3--3-----1-22-1- to input a puzzle. For other solvers you'll need to find out: Kakuro (login-walled), Slitherlink, Fillomino, Nurikabe and Masyu
dCode's Number Games Solvers ENG FRAUnknownKakuro and Sudoku are a few among the immensity of tools listed under "Number games"
Fathom It Battleships solver and playerMoshe RubinCommercial software © Mountain Vista Software, listing features such as computing the number of solutions for a displayed board and a puzzle data base for board sizes 6x6 to 10x10
Polyforms SolverJaap ScherphuisA Java application to make and solve puzzles/problems involving polyforms (polyominos, polyiamonds, polyhexes, polytans, polydrafters, etc…) in a rich set of geometric grids. This tool was instrumental in discovering the first aperiodic monotile (2023).
Logiklöser (Logical Solver)Johannes SinglerA solver for Einstein-style puzzles (aka logical, logigram or logiquiz), with a handy manual

All Setting and Solving guides focus on a particular genre, used for alphabetical sorting.

The following pages and videos will guide you through the process of setting a paper puzzle, illustrating the method of forward design.

puzzle setting guides
Description Guide Genre
-30 Puzzle Design Lessons - Part 3 (see also parts 1 and 2)Elyot GrantAkari
-Let's make a Chained Block! チェンブロ(パズル)をつくろう JPNふーなんとかさん (Fuwa Lica Chan)Chained Block
-Let's make it! Heyawake へやわけ JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiHeyawake
-A Numberlink solving primerPalmer Mebane (Mellow Mellon)Numberlink
-Wei-Hwa Huang creates a Nurikabe puzzle黃煒華 (Wei-Hwa Huang)Nurikabe
-Let's make it! Spiral Galaxies 天体ショー JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiSpiral Galaxies
-On Spiral Galaxies 天体ショーについて JPNpzdcSpiral Galaxies
Let's make a star battle!Jack LanceStar battle
-Answer to How does one go about creating a new grid-deduction puzzleDeusoviTapa
-I Tried to make a Yajilin ヤジリンを作ってみた+α JPNAtomicNeoNYajilin
-Let's make it! Yajilin ヤジリン JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiYajilin

Tutorials, tactics and theory on particular genres. These will help you solve better, thus also construct better.

puzzle solving guides
Description Guide Genre
Akari Solving guide 美術館を解こう Part 1 and 2 JPNnyoroppyiAkari
My favourite Castle wallStefCastle Wall
Commentary on Mini Coral JPNPronterCoral (mini)
How to solve a Curve Data Puzzle?Ashish KumarCurve Data
How to solve: Dosun Fuwari 解き方(ドッスンフワリ) JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiDosun Fuwari
How to solve: Double choco 解き方(ダブルチョコ) JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiDouble choco
How to solve: Gokigen Naname 解き方(ごきげんななめ) JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiGokigen Naname
How to solve: Hashiwokakero 手筋集(橋をかけろ) JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiHashiwokakero
Penalty theory for dynasty genresChaotic IakHeyawake
Dynasty cycle counting (penalty theory) the easy wayOne plus OmegaHeyawake
Penalty Theory in dynasty puzzlestckmnHeyawake
Teal’s (In)Comprehens(ive/ible) Heyawake GuideTealHeyawake
Heyawake Tesuji Collection へやわけ考え方・手筋集 JPN謎垢 (NAZOac)Heyawake
How to solve: Heyawake 解き方(へやわけ) with Terminology JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiHeyawake
Heyawake: how to cross the river Part 1 + Part 2 JPNSP1Heyawake
How to solve Honey Island (subsection) ハニーアイランドを愛でる会 JPNSakiHoney Island
The story of Hotaru Beam and Parity ホタルビームとパリティの話 JPNlilvaHotaru Beam
How to solve: LITS 解き方 JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiLITS
How to solve: Nurikabe 解き方(ぬりかべ) JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiNurikabe
How to solve: Nurimisaki 解き方(ぬりみさき) JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiNurimisaki
How to solve: Sashigane 解き方(さしがね) JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiSashigane
How to solve: Shakashaka 解き方(シャカシャカ) with Tactics JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiShakashaka
Japan Simple Loop Society 日本シンプルループ学会 JPNNAZOacSimple Loop
Simple loop Tesujis JPN (includes other genres where all cells must be visited)NAZOacSimple Loop
Daily Simple Loop Returns (included uniqueness deductions)scorSimple Loop
Slitherlink Tesuji Collection 理論に基づくスリザーリンク手筋集 JPNfffSlitherlink
Slitherlink PatternsBram de LaatSlitherlink
Sudoku Sledgehammer, explaining how Naked Singles, Pointing Pairs, X-Wings, Hidden Pairs, Naked Pairs and Naked Triples deductions are all relatedWei-Hwa HuangSudoku
How to solve: Spiral Galaxies 解き方(天体ショー) with Tesuji JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiSpiral Galaxies
Puzzle composition log #3 作問記録:第3回 Tectonic Squares JPNpzdcTectonic Squares
A story and collection of tricks that made a Toichika solver JPNUdo P.Toichika
Yajilin is interesting, let's solve it! ヤジリンが面白いから、解こう JPN盥 (Tarai puzzle)Yajilin
How to solve: Yajilin 解き方(ヤジリン) with Tesuji JPNPencil Puzzle ペンシルパズル WikiYajilin

See also the Global Tesuji Summary JPN by SP1, listing strategies for many different genres; and an article + playthrough videos JPN of most Arvi Teikari (Hempuli)'s genres by Kuchiwo Tsugumi (Competor).

Regular sources of new paper puzzles (and genres) by author teams and companies. Includes online publications, paper magazines, and even Aggregators and generated puzzle sites.

Handcrafted puzzles, shared regularly online.

Name Since
Grandmaster Puzzles' The Art of Puzzles 2012
-Perplexible 2012 —2020
-World Class Puzzles 2014
-Puzzle Duel ENG RUS (competitive)2020
-Tambox Bulletin 2022
-Missing deck (sudokus)2021
-Nobuzaemon パズル部へようこそ JPN gallery page???
-fff's Puzzle Journey2023
-CTC discord's Mind the GAPP compiled by jovi_al2021

Paper paper puzzle magazines, or online publications with a strong emphasis on printing physical copies.

Name Commentary
Nikoli Communication and book shopNikoli was founded by Maki Kaji, the grandfather of sudoku. The most popular paper puzzle genres were invented by the community fostered by this company .
Toketa JPNJapanese self-publishing magazine with contributions from Serkan Yürekli. Since 2013
-Games MagazineErich Friedman sent many puzzles here for publishing
-Pulze Magazine by TamboxA recent (2022) puzzle magazine
-Conceptis Puzzles book storeA huge selection of publications where on nonograms and sudoku prevail, but there are other genres in the mix
-Forsmarts Puzzle BooksPuzzles that appeared at various contests, a project by Vladimir Portugalov
-PUZZLERS ClubAnother recent (2022?) puzzle magazine
-Internet Puzzler JPNby Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc., a japanese company
-Puzlova JPNby JPPuzzles

The magazine akıl oyunları TUR (possibly also Meraklisina Akil Oyunlari) seems to have stopped.

Name Commentary
Puzzle Square JPN, ENGaggregates +30000 puzzles in +600 genres; using interfaces such as penpa, pzv, kudamono… Databaseaggregates most puzzles shared on twitter that were made with, filterable by genre and difficulty. Hover over the genre name to reveal solve count and difficulty.
PZPlus database with some visual changes and conveniences, such as direct links to the puzzles
Puzzle Picnic Database (partial archived copy)discontinued platform with +6000 puzzles by diverse contributors. Allowed mass puzzle printing (up to 64 puzzles)
Logic Masters Deutschland's Advanced search DEU ENGthe tag cloud on the right-hand side leads to appropriate puzzles
LMI Puzzle Exponew in-development puzzle publishing, solving and reacting platform, tightly integrated with Penpa+; with a focus on timed/ranked solving and strict publishing guidelines

These pages contain algorithmically generated puzzles, generally updated daily or on-demand.

Name Lead programmer(s) Commentary
KrazydadJim BumgardnerBoth online puzzles and printable booklets, with many genres. Jim has been supplying Star Battle puzzles, also known as Two-not-touch, to the New York Times, since 2020.
PuzzlePhil's daily puzzlesPhilipp HübnerDaily puzzles of most classic genres
puzzle-loop, puzzle-dominosa, etc…Atanas GeorgievFamily of websites, one per genre (scroll down for links). Includes puzzles of different sizes, timed solves, hall of fame and mass printing ability, plus a community discord.
Web sudoku, with variationsGideon Greenspan and Rachel LeePrintable sudokus of varying difficulties. Other daily sudoku sites: Fed, str8ts, Live, Printable, Killer, 2, E-, Mania, Cup, fans and Foxy
str8tsAndrew Stuart and Jeff WidderichDaily Str8ts and sudokus
Logic Games OnlineJosh MetzlerNurikabe, LightsOut, TenPair, Netwalk and of course Sudoku. 2005—2016
Brain BashersKevin Stone24 genres, all re-generated daily
PuzzlemixDr. Gareth Moore16 genres, 8 of which are sudoku variants
Puzzle UniversityDr. Amy Galitzerold-school (1993) website with hitoris of different difficulties, sudoku, and several word-based puzzles plus Einstein (logic) problems, all dailies.
Kakuro onlineThomas ReinkeDaily kakuro puzzle, with generators for a few other genres.
Kwon-Tom Loop's daily slitherlinkFoilmanAn assortment of slitherlinks (here kwon-tom loops) of varying sizes and difficulties, one per day. See also the leaderboard and archives.
Kwon-Tom Loop's slitherlink variationsFoilmanAn extremely varied colection of geometric grids with slitherlink puzzles on them, daily. See also the archives.
TwistNTurn generator (masyu)TilpsAn online tool with the ability to generate Masyu on square and octogonal grids.
LoopDeLoop generator (slitherlink)TilpsA similar tool containing a wealth of geometric grids (triangular, hexagonal, pentagonal, etc…) on which to generate slitherlink puzzles.
HIDATO.comDoo-Bee Toys & GamesDaily hidatos of varying difficulties, by Gyora M. Benedek's company
Portable Puzzle CollectionSimon TathamFor each of the paper puzzle genres in-scope (e.g. light up, slither link, nonograms, sudoku, masyu, tentaisho), a page refresh generates a new (random) puzzle (seed). Size and other parameters are tunable.
Circle9 family of sitesJames DewarDaily generated puzzles in some unique genres, e.g. Circle9, Blueberry Block, Blueberry Trio.

These are puzzle archives of contests or competitions, and contain links to past puzzle booklets.

Archive Maintainer Year of earliest available puzzle
WPF Archive (paid access)World Puzzle Federation1999
Liste der Wettbewerbe DEULogic Masters Deutschland2009
LMI TestsLogic Masters India2009 (probably)
LMI Contest searchLogic Masters India???
24 Hours Puzzle Championship Archive mirrorJeffrey Bardon (IHNN)2010
Logic Mashups spreadsheetSoftFro2011 (probably)
University of Tokyo Puzzle Championship JPNUniversity of Tokyo2012, then 2015
Japan Puzzle Championship Archive JPN (use top bar)JPPuzzles2013
Grand Prix Puzzle ArchiveWorld Puzzle Federation2014
Grand Prix Sudoku ArchiveWorld Puzzle Federation2014
Online Contests ArchiveUK Puzzle Association2010
Logical Contests Puzzles ENG SRPJovan.N2017
Competition Links (login required)WPC Team USA2018
Puzzle Race Test listKorea and China Association2020
Puzcon Contest list JPNPuzcon2021

The Instructionless grid an online-contest in 2021, falling in the inductive category.

These are active puzzle blogs by individual puzzle creators, sorted by date of first post containing a paper puzzle, oldest first. All those listed here received at least one new puzzle since , otherwise they were moved into the archives.

active paper puzzle blogs
Title Lead author Year of first puzzle
The Griddle David Millar2006
Uramasyu 裏ましゅ JPNUnknown2006
A Cleverly-Titled Logic Puzzle Blog Grant Fikes2008
The Logical World of PuzzlesRohan Rao2008
Meander LawnΑντώνης Λαλάτσας2009
Detuned RadioTom Collyer2009
Kyoto University Puzzle Blog 京都大学パズル同好会のブログです Kyoto University Puzzle Club2009
The diary of a puzzlemakerAnurag Sahay2011
GET SET GOswaroopg2011
Bounded-Error Log Betaveros2011
Bachelor seal ニコリ系パズルの逆襲 JPNIwa Daigeki (Bachelor Seal)2011
EnigmAtticBastien Vial-jaime2012
PS's puzzles +Prasanna Seshadri2012
The Puzzle RobotSerkan Yürekli2012
Adalogical AenigmasPavel Curtis2013
Auxin's Puzzle Vault オーキシンのパズル保管庫 JPNAuxin オーキシン2013
The Modern ExperienceTapio Saarinen2014
Edderiofer's Logic PuzzlesSophie (Edderiofer)2014
Maybe Puzzles robx2014
Tsukukoma Puzzle Club 筑駒パズル部 JPNTsukukoma Puzzle Club 筑駒パズル部2014
Puzzle JunkCraig Kasper2014
e blogEKBM2014
Semi-long blogPhenomist2015
Tibisukemaru's puzzle place チビスケ丸のパズル置き場 JPNチビスケ丸 (Tibisukemaru)2015
Yellow Puzzle 黄色いパズル JPNYellow Pencil Crow ぺんしるからす(黄色い烏)2016
Jamie's Deceptive PuzzlesJamie Hargrove2017
World of SudokuAkash Doulani2017
Let's SudokuHemant Kr. Malani2018
Hausiegel Puzzle blog Roland Voigt2019 (older content erased)
青い厚揚げのホームページ JPN青い厚揚げ (aoiatuage)2019
IHNN's Puzzle EmporiumIHNN2019
SP1 Puzzle Nikki のぱずるにっき JPNSP12019
The Sound of silver being struckdohz2020
Hempuli's blog Hempuli2020
Eric Fox's PuzzlesEric Fox2020
bakpao's puzzles Chiel Beenhakker (bakpao)2020
Mad Mahogany PuzzlesMadmahogany2020
Puzzles for progress Jacob Cohen2020
Tckmn Logic puzzlestckmn2020
Puzlog Pedro2020
Covering Space Puzzles Will A Cadegan-schlieper2021
djmathman's puzzlesDavid Altizio (djmathman)2021
Shye's StuffShye2021
Sam's Puzzle RepositorySam Cappleman-Lynes2021
Mark Sweep's PuzzlesMark Sweep2021
Michael Tang's puzzle blogMichael Tang2021
Polman PuzzlesPolman Poppins2021
Puzzling InvalidDInvalidd2021
ft029's Puzzlesft0292021
pzdcの雑記 JPNpzdc2021
The Daily KrownundrumMitchell Clarke (DireKrow)2022
Broken Sign Martin Ender (Menderbug)2022
Au voleur! puzzlesau voleur!2022
Carrick22's Puzzle LaboratoryCarrick222022
Sorted PuzzlesNidhi (Sorted Puzzler)2022
Rever's puzzoDanaël Villeneuve (Rever)2023
Jovial Puzzles jovi_al2023
Hutt's puzzle dumphutthutthutt2023
wolog's puzzle blogWolog2023
Solyuの気まま日記 JPNSolyu2023
Scor's Puzzlesscor2023
Problems That No One HasEndagorion2024

Akin to broader porfolios, these puzzle pages are not primarily arranged in a chronological, blog-like fashion.

paper puzzle portfolios and sites of various authors
Portfolio Author Since
Puzzle Palace (published puzzles)Erich Friedman1999 (probably)
Puzzle Laboratory (PDFs) JPNNaoki Inaba2001
-Croco Puzzle (except Fridays for Future) DEUBernhard Seckinger2006
-Puzzles of Leonid Mochalov ENG RUS (use the top menu to find paper puzzles)Leonid Mochalov???
-Vorhandensein JPN (puzzle links broken)izkdic???
-My logic puzzlesChaotic Iak2011
-OCTO PuzzlesDoug Gardner2011
-Deusovi's Logic Puzzles, (profile)Deusovi2015
-Jonah Ostroff's Logic Puzzles (search for "Logic puzzles")softfro2015
-ludicrous loop (see profile for more puzzles)William Hu (TheGreatEscaper)2016
-Mindwielders SudokuLucy Audrin???
-Taishi Higashida's Puzzle MuseumTaichi Higashida2019
-KersnapBram Cohen2020
-Rodolfo Kurchan's Puzzle Fun (includes puzzle books)Rodolfo Kurchan2020
-Joseph Mansfield's Puzzles sectionJoseph Mansfield (sftrabbit)2020
-Blaž Urban Gracar's GamesBlaž Urban Gracar2021
-Genres by Zachary TalisZachary Talis2022

Twitter is no longer twitter. In any case, there's a separate page with twitter handles.

A few authors share their puzzles only via video channels — Swaroop Guggilam (swaroopg)'s comprehensive masterlist started tracking those. Sooner or later, those puzzles tend also to appear in the Aggregators.

These are puzzle archives of individual authors, i.e. rarely updated portfolio pages or no longer active blogs. They are sorted by year of latest puzzle posted. Some archives listed here are continued and/or superseded by an active blog.

author puzzle archives
Name Author Ended Started
Jacob Lance's Blog and Jack's Paper Puzzles (compiled by Ihhn)Jack Lance20232013
-The Art of Puzzles — LivejournalThomas Snyder (Dr. Sudoku)20202006
-Sudoku ManiaRishi Puri20202010
-PuzzleMine — Digging for GemsUnknown20202014
-Twitter Puzzle Index の出題パズル まとめSubaru Saito20202015
-Life in SudokuGaurav Kumar Jain20202017
-pzdc JPNpzdc20202017
-Error functionwormsofcan20202018
-Dr Gareth Moore, formerlykillersudokuGareth Moore20192009
-Variantes de SudokuFred7620192009
-Puzzle Parade, formerly Logic PuzzlesValvino20192010, 2015
-Nikoli puzzle counterattack ニコリ系パズルの逆襲 JPNIwadaiseki 岩大戟20192011
-Tokunakira Puzzle Studio トクナキラのパズル工房 JPNTokunakiraトクナキラ20192013
-Novice Puzzle Factory 新米パズル作成所~E工場~ JPN伊澤聡真 (Souma Izawa)20192014
-Kurotento ペンパ置き場 JPNBlack Tent クロテント20192014
-LITS World JPNLits_world20192016
-Kashiyu Fish Puzzle Park かしゆさかなのパズル公園 JPNKashiyu Fish かしゆさかな20192017
-MspuzzlesMichael Tang20192018
-Tochiotome pencil puzzle とちおとめ ペンシルパズル JPNOgawan オガワン20192018
-ChaosAtTheSky, formerly A Chaotically Puzzling BlogChaotic Iak20182011, 2012
-Para's Puzzle SiteBram de Laat20182011
-fffのパズル日記 JPNfff20182015
-Memorandum on puzzles パズルに関する備忘録 JPNSubaru Saito20182015
Paramesis Puzzle BlogParamesis20182016
-連続発破のはっぱ日記. with archive at Indi.xreaLeaves はっぱ20172006
-anderson's Puzzle BlogQzqxq20172011
-WA1729Walker Anderson20172014
-Massu's puzzle place まっすーのパズル置き場 JPNMassu まっすー20172016
-Puzzle GraffitiGorogoro20172015
-Sudokus Hexagonals Simètrics (SHS) SPA CATJoan Colom20162015
-Puzzled by TitlesNikolai Beluhov20162015
-The Zotmeister — LiveJournalAdam Wood20152005
-gesaku >>>>ON<<<< the blogゲサク (GESAKU)20152006
-Mokuani のブログ JPNMokuani20152006
-Melon's PuzzlesMellow Mellon20152009
-Canada Puzzle TeamCanada Puzzle Team20152013
-Solve the UnsolvableAshish Kumar20152014
-A variety of pencil puzzlesRavi Kumar Macherla20142014
-The House of Cy Reb Jr.Cy Reb20142009
-baLLjugglermoka JPNBalljugglermoka20142012
-ValeziusZoltán Horváth (Valezius)20142011
-Puzzle NoteTakeya 竹谷20142011
-PuzzlepaloozaJames Frye20132010
-Scott's Puzzle PageScott Handelman20132012
-Random StuffzYoshiap20132013
-Flashback puzzlesTawan Sunathvanichkul20122010
-L'île logique FRABastien Vial-jaime20122010
-Linguo Puzzles (degraded)Bozzballd20122012
-Kevin's blogKitkatksun4820122012
-Puzzle Gadget (degraded)Wei-Hwa Huang20072006

Sam Loyd's Cyclopedia of 5000 Puzzles, Tricks, and Conundrums could probably be listed alongside these archives (1914).

Name Format
Puzzling Stack ExchangeQA
Logic Masters IndiaForum
UK Puzzle AssociationForum
Sfinks forum POLForum
Kwon-Tom Loop, with variationsForum
UK Puzzle FederationForum
WPC World Puzzle Federation /(inactive)Forum
Argio Logic ITA ENGForum
Fred Stalder's Sudoku Variante FRAForum
Cracking the Cryptic DiscordDiscord
Thinky Puzzle's Discord — Paper Puzzle ZoneDiscord

Some forums seem no longer active: Puzzle Picnic, Sudoku Fans.

While not strictly paper puzzles, these pages have served as sources of inspiration for many paper puzzle makers.

Site Lead authors Frequency
Age of PuzzlesSerhiy Grabarchukoften
Ken's Puzzle of the WeekKen Duisenbergweekly
PuzzleUp archivesEmrehan Haliciweekly
Puzzle Prime DeductionArtur Kirkoryanoften
MathPuzzleEd Pegguntil 2020
Cut the knot Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and PuzzlesAlexander Bogomolnyuntil 2018
Tilings EncyclopediaDirk Frettlöh, Edmund Harriss???
Livio Zucca Pages (mirror)Livio Zucca
Hedra WebDavid Smithmonthly
Title Author Year Description
5472730538 essentially different Sudoku gridsEd Russell and Frazer Jarvis2005Divides the 5472730538 essentially different Sudoku grids, using symmetry groups
Nikoli Round TableNikoli2015Interviews with several Nikoli Authors (up to 2015)

Do you need more game lists? See also the Induction to Inductive Games (2024) by the same author.

This masterlist was compiled by gathering the wisdom shared at the Thinky Puzzles server, then following links until information stopped being relevant. Towards the end, Swaroop Guggilam (swaroopg)'s list was also consulted, e.g to check for missing entries or uncertain information. Further important inputs were received at the Puzzlers Club (private server).

Finally, many thanks to Martin Ender (Menderbug), William Hu (TheGreatEscaper), Deusovi, Jack Lance, Jeffrey Bardon (IHNN), dohz, Sophie (Edderiofer), Andy Tockman (tckmn), Ammar Fathin Sabili (athin), sevenkplus, Qqwref and Muhorka for feedback and identifying many missing entries (and even whole sections)!

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