This page outlines the short-term future of the [Kudamono Editor], with respect to [#upcoming genres] and [#expected features]. It is updated as often as needed.

The bulk of the page is a list of [Paper Puzzle Genres|../paper-puzzle] that may be ported to the [Kudamono Editor].
If you are aware of a pre-existing port, or are currently planning to port any of the genres below, @@@ please contact @@@ to coordinate efforts or to alter this plan.

See also the [retrospective] for previously added genres and features, or the the [milestones] for a glimpse of a possible future compatible with kudamono's [vision].

Upcoming Genres


| :info: New genres are to be expected on **Thursdays** or at end of the week -- for better coordination with

Possible Genres

All the genres listed in these sections have equal (low) priority.

Factors that weigh favourably with the decision of porting a genre:
- an **enthusiastic genre author**, who'd be available to transcribe puzzles and make one (or more) "commemorative" puzzle(s)
- someone's **commitment** to making puzzles on a regular basis (e.g: daily, weekly) for an extended period
- a request to integrate an upcoming **event or publication**
- **high demand**, e.g. in platforms such as @PuzzleSquareJP
- **low added complexity** -- by reusing [rule elements|stats] from other genres
- a **volunteer**'s willingness to port it (with assistance from 

Factors that weigh negatively:
- **prior availability** on other platforms, such as [|], [f-puzzles|], [|], etc...

| :info: Genres may also be commissioned (fees and special terms apply). 

A good starting point is @@@contacting @@@.

PuzzSq Genres
- [Inbox Outbox|] (インボックス・アウトボックス) by @@ どっかのだれか@@
- [Sunglasses|],[2|] :::SUGGESTED
- [Arrow Fill|] by @@どっかのだれか@@
- ~~[point a star|]~~
- [kakee|] :::SUGGESTED

Misc. Genres
- Longest Side / Shortest Side Disappearance by @GESAKU
- [Turn and Run|] (22)
- Synclones :::SUGGESTED
- Curfew by @Hempuli and/or Unequal Curfew by @Deusovi
// - [SLICY|] by @Snyder
// - [Honey Dars|]

Naoki Inaba's Genres
Suggestions welcome.

Erich Friedman's Genres
Most of these are at @Erich's [Miscellaneous genres|]:
- [Knight loops|] by @Erich
- [ABC's|]
- [Crazy pavement|]
- [Half and half|]
- [Encoded mines|] (new rule - no need to try all number combinations, just ensure the counts are equal per letter plus distinct from other letter, like in [vegetable garden])
- [Single sight|] (new rule -- probably)

Ideas from GAPP 
- Leaf vein
- ~~[Wittgenstein Briquet|] both on hex and square grids ~~
- [Linesweeper|]
- [Crescendo|] (@ShyeHeya)
- [Island|] (Naoki Inaba)
- [Hamle|]
- [Raneko|] (PCN 166)
- ~~ [Chat Room|]~~
- [Sukoro|]
- [Pointing at the crowd|] (@FreddieHand)
- [Gems & Stones|]
- ~~[Sashikazune|]~~

Babacord Genres
- Dicey Diagrams by @5381 :::SUGGESTED
- ||secret unnamed genre|| by 5381

Others, less likely
- [Ore-Soccer|] by Kanaiboshi :::SUGGESTED :::HARD
- [Mirror Puzzles|] by @ErichFriedman / [Haunted Mirror Mazes|] by David Millar, [see also|]:::HARD
- ~~[Pentomino/Blokus|] by Murat Can Tonta ~~ 
- Serpentominous

Good genres for volunteers
- [Retoponogo|] by @ZachTalis
- [Dutch loop|] (alternating variant) :::GAPP

Expected Features

Designer Tool & Remixer
A tool to let people: 
- inspect existing genres and try small cosmetic modifications, in real time
- remix two or more genres, in playable form
- develop and share their own genres
- port new genres, based on previously implemented genres

- support for triangular grids (in particular, to port this [Ivy puzzle|] ) by @Menderbug
- ensure most rules in the rule bank are geometry-agnostic, so geometry can always be swapped freely via URL

| :info: All currently available grids can be tested at the [Grids page|grids]

- integrate or link with automatic solvers, when in edit mode, to aid puzzle setting
- emit events that can be read by puzzle platforms to enhance the user experience (for example, a "win" message)

Genre enablers
These features could enable the addition of specific genres to the [Kudamono Editor]:

| :warn: [Mountain Climber] may require refactoring to actually use two real (rather than fake) distinct line types -- perhaps this can be a good "test genre"

Multi-tile pieces
This feature was suggested by @Wand. It could let all shading genres (e.g LITS, Yajilin, Noriniri) generalise beyond 1-tile pieces -- possibly [#limited].

Enabled genres:
- [Paper Clips|]